Sabaean Inscription Points to Connections between King Solomon’s Israel and Kingdom of Sheba

Sabaean Inscription Points to Connections between King Solomon’s Israel and Kingdom of Sheba

Archaeologists deciphered the Sabaean inscription on a clay jar finds link between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Archaeologists deciphered a partially preserved inscription that was found on the neck of a large jar dated back to the time of King Solomon.

Dr. Daniel Vainstub of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was able to decipher an ancient South Arabian script used at the time in the southern Arabian Peninsula (current-day Yemen region) when the Kingdom of Sheba was the dominant kingdom.

The jar was originally discovered together with the remains of six other large jars during excavations carried out in 2012 in the Ophel area south of the Temple Mt., led by the late Dr. Eilat Mazar from the Institute of Archeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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