Tel Goded – Aerial Views (

Tel Goded – Aerial Views (

A large mound 3KM north east of Beit Guvrin, with ruins of a Canaanite city (Middle and Late Bronze age) and Judean Kingdom city (destroyed by Sennacherib in 701 BC). The city is identified by some scholars as Moreshet-Gath, birthplace of prophet Micah (Micah 1,1): “The word of the LORD that came to Micah the Morasthite…”.
On the southern summit of the mound (Tell el-Judeideh) were remains of a Roman villa, protected by a wall, which was unearthed in 1900. During the Roman period a major road connecting Ashkelon, via Beit Guvrin ( Eleutheropolis) to Jerusalem passed at its foothills, at the same route of the modern highway (#38).
South-east of the mound are remains of a second temple period village, with burial caves, columbarium, aqueduct and agriculture installations.
The drone starts from the south side, over the eastern peripheral wall, passes the northern summit, then back to the south side.
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