Tel Kinrot and Khirbet Minim. Walk near Lake Kinneret, Israel


Tel Kinrot and Khirbet Minim. Walk near Lake Kinneret, Israel

Tel Kinrot and Khirbet Minim(Khirbat al-Minya, Horvat Minya). Walk near Lake Kinneret(Kineret, Sea of Galilee), Israel
The first part of the video shows what the excavation of the Tel Kinrot mound looks like. More information can be seen at the link to an article with good and detailed text on this topic:

Tel Kinrot

Horvat Minim (or Khirbat al-Minya) – one of the many archaeological sites on the banks of the Kinneret – the ruins of an Arab palace. From the remaining walls, from the size, from the massiveness of the ruins, it was clear that it was something grandiose. The palace, archaeologists say, was built under the Umayyad caliph Walid, as evidenced by the inscription they found. There is an opinion that the caliph himself could come here to rest from Damascus; according to another version, the palace was intended for his son Umar, who was then the governor of Tabaria. The facility was used until the end of the Umayyad reigns in 750 (was the 749 earthquake to blame?). The Mamluks appear to have used the building, but it is not clear in what capacity.
Visiting the ruins of the Umayyad palace in the mid-nineteenth century, Edward Robinson initially identified them as Capernaum. German archaeologists excavating in the 1930s initially thought they were dealing with a Roman fort. In 1960, an Israeli-American group dug here. Three hundred meters north of Hurwat Minim must be the remains of a fifteenth-century inn (Khan al-Minya). In 1920 most of the building was demolished; finished off in the 1960s during work on the national water conduit.
The palace is a rectangle, 73 by 66 m. The gate is on the eastern side, facing the Kinneret. A mosque was located in the southeastern part of the complex. Mosaics have been preserved in the southern part of the palace; now they are, unfortunately, covered up.
The palace was located almost on the shores of Lake Kinneret and quite possibly there was a port

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