The History of Megiddo ~ With Dr Eric Cline ~ Historian /Archaeologist (Author of 1177 BC)

The History of Megiddo ~ With Dr Eric Cline ~ Historian /Archaeologist (Author of 1177 BC)

In this episode we dive into the history of Megiddo which is a site that has seen the rise and fall of at least twenty cities. From the Neolithic to its final decline and depopulation we explore the history, archaeological discoveries and conflicts that have taken place there.

We watch as Dr. Cline guides us through the clenched hands that have pushed and pulled for control of this location from the Canaanites to the Egyptians, from the Israelite’s to the Greeks and the Romans and even into the modern world as the British and Ottoman Empire fought to control it.

This site and its strategic placement has seen the rise and fall of Empires throughout history and it truly has been “Armageddon” for so many peoples.

And as we stand on this Armageddon this valley of birth and death of so many empirical entities, we have to ask ourselves what are we standing on? And are the Battles for Megiddo truly over?

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