Tel Rekhesh

Location & Identification

Tel Rekhesh, also known as Tell Mukharkhash, is located near Mt. Tabor in northern Israel. It’s on a natural hill by the riverbed of the Tabor River, which runs from Mt. Tabor to the Jordan River. The site covers around 45 dunams and is oval-shaped.

מאת שועל – נוצר על־ידי מעלה היצירה, CC BY-SA 4.0,

History & Biblical Context

Tel Rekhesh is allocated to the tribe of Issachar in the Bible (Joshua 19:17–23) and is identified with the biblical Anaharath. It’s also mentioned in the lists of Thutmose III and Amenophis II.


The excavations at Tel Rekhesh were conducted by a team led by Yitzhak Paz, Shuichi Hasegawa from Rikkyo University, along with Hidemasa Hashimoto from Tenri University, Hidetoshi Tsumoto from The Ancient Orient Museum, and Takuzo Onozuka from the Tokyo National Museum. They carried out the excavations over two stages, spanning from 2006-2010 and 2013-2017.


  • Iron Age IIC Building Complex: Uncovered on the southern crest of the mound, indicating administrative significance under Assyrian and Babylonian dominion.
  • Early Roman Period Structure: A rectangular building with ashlar limestone blocks, suggesting a public function, possibly an assembly hall or synagogue.
  • Rock-Cut Installations: Numerous installations, including cup-marks, basins, and pits, possibly wine-presses, hinting at agricultural activities.
  • Continuous Occupation: The site shows evidence of continuous occupation from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine period, with retrieved dates from various eras, including Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Iron I and II, and some Roman sherds.


The Excavations at Tel Rekhesh, Israel: The Results of 2013–2017

Shuichi Hasegawa  – Hidemasa Hashimoto  – Hidetoshi Tsumoto  – Takuzo Onozuka 4

Tel Rekhesh project website

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