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Legal statements and terms of use on the site

Terms of use – general

This website is a private initiative, for the purposes of research and leisure, sharing information and encouraging self-study, without profit.

These instructions will apply to any use and publication made on the site.

“User” is any person or entity that communicates with the website and/or makes contact with it and/or makes any use of it.

The use of the site, references and links to information and protected works, owned by the site administrators or third parties, are offered to the user for personal and private purposes only. It is forbidden to make any commercial use of the site’s contents, images, databases or articles to which it refers, except only if express permission has been received in writing from the owners of the rights in those contents, works and information.

Browsing the website, and making use of the interactive functions and the links embedded in it, will be considered as the user’s acceptance of these terms and a commitment to act according to them.

A person who does not agree to the terms as explained in these regulations and/or as they will be from time to time, all or part of them, is not allowed to use the site. for any purpose.

The administrators of the site may change the structure of the site, its appearance, the services included in it, add to them or subtract from them according to their sole discretion, as well as the terms of the regulations, without being obliged to publish a notice about this in advance.

The site administrators will not be held responsible for changes made and/or will be made to the information by the user and/or any third party, as much as they are made. The user alone will be fully responsible for how he uses the website and the information on it.

Uploading content to the site and charging fair use

Suggestions for editing, correcting mistakes or deepening information, sent by a user, will be directed via a dedicated e-mail to the site administrators, and they alone will be entitled to determine if and to what extent changes or corrections will be made to the site.

Advertising and/or linking and/or presentation and/or use through the site for illegal or improper purposes will not be permitted, such as: presenting information that is misleading, inciting violence, defamatory, insulting, threatening, infringing on the privacy of others, pornographic, sexual, racist or promotional (hereinafter: “Fair Use Terms”).

Uploading any content to the site is subject to the approval of the site administrators and will be done solely by them, in accordance with their sole discretion.

The site administrators may remove and delete immediately, without prior notice, any content, comment, statement or link that does not comply with one or more of the fair use conditions.

Limitation of Liability

The presence of links (“links”) to other websites, including public databases, do not constitute a guarantee for the reliability of the content produced through those links, for their completeness, or for their accuracy, and the website administrators bear no responsibility for the external information.

The administrators of the website will not be responsible for any damage and/or expense and/or payment and/or loss and/or loss – whether direct or indirect, that will be caused to the user and/or any third party, in all matters related to the use of the website or the content that appears on it or the information that appears including damage due to use of the website and/or links and/or applications downloaded and/or activated through it.

Any reliance by the user on any content, information, advertisements, products, opinions and positions presented or published on websites to which there is a link on the website, including information, content, opinions and positions presented or published there, is done at the discretion of the user and on his sole responsibility. Therefore, the said information should be used carefully and critically.